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Global warming is currently the world's greatest issue and the main reason behind it is pollution. JV7 Global Stars Pvt. Ltd. has introduced a natural product for your vehicles that is available in the market for purchase. It has various advantages. To name the major ones- It reduces the pollution generated by your vehicle by 80% and improves your vehicle's mileage by 25%.

JV7 Global Stars Pvt. Ltd. . has been doing sales and marketing work in the field of Herbals and Ayurveda since 2015. In the same direction,we got an opportunity to do sales and marketing work of the herbal engine oil formulated and developed by VAJRA Industries. We really appreciate this collaboration.For the generations to come we must fight the problem of Global Warming ; Pollution being the main culprit behind it. We must take an initiative and contribute towards our nation's prosperity by all means. Our aim is to wipe out pollution from INDIA to the maximum extent possible."

Vajra Industries enormously known for high strength, exceptional effectiveness, durability and high performance of engine lubricants.

Innovation, is the key towards sustainable development and "Change" is the approach to cope up with the changing market trends."

The Vajra brand is next generation excellent in universal quality lubricants by treating the base oils with 13 herbal extract, the selection of the herbs is done by after conducting deep testing and research operations, we utilize high grade herbal ingredients in the production process, especially chosen to give maximum results and provide us superlative range of products, we have enough product range for automobile sector engine oil, Industrial hydraulic oil, Friction free differential oil, 2T & 4T oil, Power Stearing fluid, Hydraulic oil, Compressor oil, Machine oil, Petrol & Diesel Saver etc. 100% result oriented products, Extra mileage, Low pollution, Maximum oxidation.

Mission: JV7 mission to protect and improve the environment threat due to automobiles pollution. Majorly air pollution contributed through automobiles. We protect our generation from polluted air threatens.

Vision: JV7 vision is very clear built the nation environmental pollution free clean air free from harmful effects generated through automobiles.

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“We are remain a small friendly team of dedicated individuals with a simple aim: to enjoy helping small to medium sized organisations flourish by delivering increased business benefits through the provision of effective and reliable IT services and support.”
Mr. Pankaj Tripathi

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